Saturday, April 12, 2008

Billy Nicholls - Love Songs

Billy Nicholls - Love Songs
GML 1011

The UK pop psych wonder kid returns with his second album after his essential debut "Would You Believe" from 1968. "Love Songs" from 1974 is a bit of a departure from his earlier pop psych tunes but no less brilliant. This is amazing early 70's pop rock of the highest order with the stand out tracks being "Winter Rose", "Gypsy" and the album's masterpiece "White Lightning"(which can be found on my earlier comp "The Darkness Through The Smoke"). On this album Billy had help from his friends Caleb Quaye, Ronnie Lane, Ron Wood, Ian McLagan and Pete Townshend. Amazing stuff!

1. Winter Rose
2. Gipsy
3. Travellers Joy
4. Stay Awhile
5. Little Lady
6. Sometimes
7. Kew
8. Hopeless, Helpless
9. Overnight Train
10. White Lightning


ge said...

we luv our Billy!! checked out Del Shannon's versions of some tunes?

daniel b said...

gracias por este disco! saludos.

madeleine said...

my husband and I courted to this music, so it obviously worked.Dudley Edwards did the record cover and also the piano for the Beatles