Friday, April 11, 2008

Vaughan Thomas - S/T

Vaughan Thomas - S/T

This is a great UK pop rock album from 1972 produced and arranged by Mike Batt. Mike Batt also co-wrote one of the songs (Black Sheep Of The Family) with Thomas. There are great cover versions of the Beatles and The Stones and also Tony Hazzard on this LP. In fact, this whole album reminds me of early Tony Hazzard. A really wonderful album.

1. Say That I'm On Your Mind
2. Cry Baby Cry
3. Let's Spend The Night Together
4. Blue Movie Man
5. One More Time Around
6. I Wanna Be Famous Like My Dad
7. Woman In The West
8. We Are The People
9. Black Sheep Of The Family
10. Summer Song
11. Pictures Of Summer Gone
12. Too Far Down
13.  Need You Girl (45 A-side)
14. Love (45 B-side)


matt.flame said...

Many thanks for this.Never heard this before. I love it.

MrQwerty said...

I've loved this pretty rare album since I first heard it. I actually heard the single 'I Wanna Be Famous Like My Dad' when it came out back in 1971/2 at a Radio One Roadshow with Dave Lee Travis. A great experience for a 12 Year Old as I was back then.

I often wondered who Vaughan's famous father was that he refers to in the song of the same name. I did some digging before I wrote this and hazard a guess it might be Michael Tilson Thomas who did conduct the Halle Orchestra (as in the lyric) at one time and later the LSO too.

Anybody know who his father *actually* was, I'd love to find out.

zuiop said...

please re-up!