Saturday, July 12, 2008

Björn J:son Lindh - Sissel

Björn J:son
Lindh - Sissel
CTI DIX 3002

That's right, another $1 swap meet find! Björn J:son Lindh is best known as a flute / keyboard wiz. Now, I've heard a few of his other albums and I have to say that Sissel is by far his best work, IMO. This album was recently posted at Prog Not Frog but that version was missing a track so I decided to rip my LP and post it here. This album is psychedelic, grooved out, funked up, proggy, jazz rock. Actually, that description is really only accurate for two tracks: Storpolska and the title track Sissel, the two longest and best cuts. The other songs are on the lighter, happier side but still good. Oh yeah, I hear some cool string parts on Storpolska that could be Mellotron but I'm not sure since the 'Tron is not listed anywhere on the sleeve. 

Track List:

1. Bull Dog
2. Surto's Pyle'as

3. Storpolska

4. Your Own House

5. Sissel

6. Games People Play


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leonardo said...

Thank you dear brother do you have Björn J:Son Lindh - Boogie Woogie album?.If you have this album can you share with us?

Winb said...

Thanks had this some years back and nice to hear again.