Sunday, July 13, 2008

Osiris - S/T

Osiris - S/T

So I found this little curiosity at the local swap meet. I almost passed it up, mostly because I thought the cover art was kind of ridiculous. Then I looked over the LP and suddenly I became interested. I saw seven long songs with names like Paradox In A Major, Fantasy and Sailor On The Seas Of Fate. Then I saw that this was recorded in Bahrain in the Middle I paid the $1 and was on my way. Upon first listen I was pleasantly surprised! This was some pretty kick ass Bahrainian symphonic prog! I Googled Osiris and I found out that Osiris formed in 1979 and this, their first LP, was released in 1981 but to my ears it sounds more like circa 1975. There's some wonderful songwriting within these grooves, with excellent keyboard (vintage synths, organ, electric piano) and guitar playing. There's also some great ethnic sounding percussion and what sounds like possibly a vibraphone. Unfortunately the vocals are only so-so but they're not too bad, there are a lot of long instrumental parts, so that helps. I've seen this album's sound compared to Genesis and Camel but actually, I really hear a more original sound. It's weird to think that this wonderful symphonic prog album came out of the Middle East! Check it out!

Track List:

1. Fantasy
2. Sailor On The Seas Of Fate
3. Struggle To Survive
4. Atmun
5. Embers Of A Flame
6. A Story Of Love
7. Paradox In A Major


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Rhayader said...

Many thanks for making me discover this great band. I hope you dont mind that I posted it on my blog. I linked back to here ofcourse :)

Cheshire Adams said...

Gandalf? That you?

If you're wondering about iP, you can comment on my blog (link below).


Psychedelic-Rocknroll said...

Thank you!
i love this album!

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see you soon!

V ! said...

I just got the taste to listen to it again tonight. Atmun and Sailor on the seas of fate are great! Thank you for your decision to bring this up (i would probably pass this because of the cover art too).